How to take care of iced out jewelry?

In daily life, most people have such doubts. My gold has changed color, silver jewelry has become black, diamonds have stopped flashing, and gems have become lighter in color. A large part of this is caused by dirt or oxidation in the jewelry. If you want your iced out jewelry to maximize its beauty, then maintenance and cleaning are essential. So next, I write some maintenance tips, hoping to help you continue to feel joy after buying iced jewelry.

Keep your jewelry carefully

Keep the packaging box that was delivered when you bought the jewelry, or buy a professional jewelry box, and place the jewelry separately to avoid scratches caused by mutual scratches. If it is more expensive pearls or gems, it is recommended to put the jewelry in a flannel bag or put it in a flannel jewelry box. Don't let your jewelry box pile up too many jewelry, it will easily lead to misplaced or not found, and when you need it, it will be easy to scratch the jewelry.

Points to note when wearing jewelry every day

Every year to one and a half years, find a reliable jeweler to check every piece of jewelry to ensure that the setting is normal and safe, especially the prong-set jewelry. If you feel that the gems inlaid on it are shaking, it means that your prongs or settings are loose and need to be reinforced and tightened. Even a very slight shaking will not work. If it is not handled properly, it may cause the gems to fall off or be damaged.
Get in the habit of taking off your jewelry before showering. The shower gel will form a film on the surface of the jewelry, thereby reducing the sparkle of the diamond. Unless you regularly clean and maintain it, the diamonds with bath products and cosmetics will always Bleak and dull. In addition, it is recommended not to wear jewelry when applying makeup or powder, wash your hands after makeup, and then wear jewelry to go out for daily activities.
Do not wear jewelry in a chlorinated swimming pool or soak gold jewelry in chlorine bleach water. Chloride will corrode K gold and even cause the inlaid gemstones to fall off. Chemicals such as chloride and ammonia can cause the fading of K gold or other alloys in jewelry, or damage the surface gloss of many gems. If unfortunately you have already swam and took a bath with jewelry, just take the jewelry. Jewelry can be re-polished to restore luster.
Do not wear high-end jewelry during strenuous exercise, especially when the event site may be exposed to high-hardness substances or alcohol-based irritants.
Avoid exposing high-end jewelry to strong heat, such as cooking. Exposing to extremely hot places, touching the handle of a hot pot or being too close to flames and steam, may cause many kinds of gem materials to break and damage.

Tips on ring maintenance

When putting the ring on or removing it from your finger, try not to touch the gemstone on it, but grab the metal part of the ring that surrounds your finger. This part is called the "ring shank or ring ring." Grasping the handle of the ring instead of grasping the position of the setting stone is to prevent the grease on the hand from remaining on the gemstone. This will form a grease film, which greatly affects the brightness and brilliance of the gemstone. In addition, many styles are designed to look good Very gorgeous, the contact point between the setting and the ring is very weak, if you apply a little force, it will easily break.
In order to keep the rings shiny, get into the habit of rubbing them with a breath. Although this method sounds a bit earthy, this is a trick to get rid of the dirt and grease on the surface of the gem. The dirt and grease layer are caused by incorrectly putting on and taking off the ring, or accidentally touching the gemstone by hand. Most people do not realize the problem when doing it. Every time we touch the gemstone, there will be one. A very thin layer of grease is applied to the top of the gem, thereby reducing the beauty of the gem. In order to restore the brightness of the gemstone, simply pick up the ring close to your mouth and breathe on it as best as you can. You will see that the gemstone surface is a bit foggy, then take a lint-free soft cloth and wipe it, handkerchiefs, scarves, etc Yes, after a while, you will be surprised to find that the grease layer on the surface has been wiped off, and the whole ring is much more beautiful. Of course, it is recommended to take regular maintenance for long-term grease and dirt.
Don't take the ring off and put it next to the wash basin, unless you make sure that the sink is closed. Similarly, don't take the ring off when washing your hands outside of your home. Many people forget and lose the ring like this.


The word "iced out" is often mentioned by hip-hop jewelry, because it means sparkling jewelry studded with diamonds. Whether it is a rappers chain or a rappers ring, it is a rapper jewelry worth keeping well.