Is iced out jewelry real?

Hip hop jewelry consists of gorgeous and luxurious accessories, originally designed as a status symbol. Due to the development of special terms in hip-hop pop culture, it is often referred to as "iced out jewelry" and described as "bling bling". Iced jewelry is classified according to the use of diamonds and gold. Different styles of hip-hop jewelry have changed over time, from gold to platinum, but the purpose of showing off and being seen is still the same. Many hip-hop artists decorate themselves with designer fashion brands and dazzling jewelry to symbolize and celebrate their successful journey. In the early days of hip-hop, gold was the standard color and material for jewelry. This changed in the 90s with the appearance of the luxurious styles of Jay-Z and P.Diddy, these artists brought a new era of designer clothing and platinum jewelry, platinum, silver and diamonds became fashionable.

Iced jewellery of real gold and silver is expensive and often serves as an identity symbol for hip-hop artists and celebrities. Can't an ordinary person enjoy the happiness brought by iced jewellery? Of course not. Hip-hop jewelry also has cost-effective and popular ordinary metal jewelry. It is made of various alloys of stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. It is mainly used for fashion jewelry or avant-garde jewelry. Various gems inlaid on hip-hop pendants can also be replaced with high-grade zircons, usually gold and silver. Although gold and platinum on ordinary metals are made of alloys, they have the advantages of high strength and durability. Combining these alloys with pure gold ensures that the jewelry will not bend, scratch or break easily. Just because mixed metals are added to pure gold, it does not mean that gold is of poor quality. These alloys enable gold to be successfully made into jewelry. This metal mixture can be silver, copper, zinc, rhodium or palladium. Unlike gold, platinum is not naturally occurring. Platinum is made of gold and other mixed metals. The alloy used in the platinum mixture is specifically used to make the silvery white that platinum is known for. Gold, palladium, silver and rhodium are the materials in the platinum mixture. Rhodium plays an important role in the final coating process of platinum jewelry, because rhodium is the element that gives platinum its perfect luster and finish. Platinum and gold have different carat numbers.

After talking about the material of ice sculpture jewelry, let's talk about one of the best-selling products in the hip hop jewelry industry----Iced Out Pendants. For thousands of years, pendants have been called ornaments with special meaning or value. Iced pendants can be of any size, shape, color or design, so they are very popular in hip-hop jewelry. At ICEREMIX, we constantly strive to create and design a fashion art, hip hop jewelry pendants made of top materials, leading the trend. The pendants we make include religious symbols, official sports symbols, classic film and television cartoon characters, and so on. Our pendants are made of 18K gold-plated copper inlaid with top zircons. Perhaps when it comes to this, everyone will ask, what is gold-plated? Are our cheap iced out pendants real? In the era when gold-plated and platinum jewelry is popular all over the world, such problems will always emerge in endlessly, but let us hold the fort and think about gold-plated jewelry. Gold plating is a specific substance covered with a layer of gold. It is widely used in astronomy, electronics, chemistry, decoration industries, and of course the jewelry industry. Gold-plated metal jewelry is very popular because it resists corrosion, is not easy to oxidize, and is the least reactive of all metals. Gold plating is not affected by moisture and high temperature, durable, luxurious appearance and high cost performance. Gilding is of vital importance to the industry, because it provides many attributes of pure gold jewelry at a very low cost. So please do not call platinum-plated jewelry or gold-plated jewelry a fake. This is not a fake, but a process that uses less gold and provides the same appearance at a relatively low cost.






Our hip hop pendants are all-encompassing. Among the animal iced pendant series, cobras, bull and sharks are the most outstanding. The images carefully cast by the designers are lifelike, and the wildness of the animals is ready to come out. It is a classic choice for hip-hop fashion outfits. In the film and television animation big iced out pendant series, Gengar Pendant, Evil Rick Pendant, Simpson Skateboard Pendant, and Chainsaw Horror Mask Pendant are very popular. These classic characters and image convey a certain spiritual power, and iced out chains with pendants shine on your neck. The iced out cartoon pendant makes the heroes of the second dimension collide with us in the three-dimensional space. It is a style pendant jewelry that many anime fans love. Iced out cross pendant and sports logo letter pendant are low-key luxury mens iced out pendants. From Snake Winding Cross Pendant to Iced MBM Letter Pendant, their appearance design reveals unique meaning.






ICEREMIX is confident in our craftsmanship and in making works that look as real as possible for you, and the price is much lower. Our real iced out pendants absolutely guarantees quality and safety, saving you money and risks. Our mission is to support your self-expression by providing unique hip hop diamond pendant to tell who you are. We believe that jewelry is not only a decoration, but also a culture, a work of art, and a spirit. You will find jewelry that resonates with your soul at ICEREMIX.