What does a letter necklace mean?

Many people like to wear necklaces in their lives, partly because they have a good decorative effect, and partly because they are sometimes a way of expressing one's aesthetic and setting off one's temperament. Many people like to wear necklaces with letters.

Origin of letter necklace

Initials and letter combinations are said to have first been used by medieval Roman and Greek rulers. Roman and Greek coins were engraved with initials to identify the leader of a particular ruler. Coins were inscribed with the leader's initials or a combination of letters. Later initials were found everywhere, such as flags, tribal or national symbols. Over time, the original jewellery pieces, whether necklaces, bracelets, earrings to rings, became very popular and personalised and never went out of fashion.

Why letter necklace so popular

What are the special features of letter necklace that attract people's attention? There are several main reasons.

Firstly, necklaces with letters can often express a special meaning. Many people choose a letter necklace with the initials of their own name or the initials of their loved one's name. This way the initial necklace is no longer an ordinary necklace, it expresses a special emotion or meaning. This is one of the reasons why many people prefer a letter necklace.

Secondly, the letter necklace will look more special. Imagine that others are wearing ordinary necklaces, but you are wearing a necklace with letters, then the appearance is more special, more able to attract the attention of others, this is another important reason for the popularity of necklaces with letters.

Thirdly, the letter necklace is more design. Many people like to buy necklaces that are more chic and have a sense of design. Because then the necklace itself will look different, will also make the wearer more tasteful, so as far as necklaces are concerned, choosing a letter necklace is really a right move.

What's more interesting is that in addition to replacing the capitalization of the initials of names, each letter has its own unique meaning. The 26 letters represent 26 beautiful words, as well as 26 sentences full of love. For example, the letter A represents Accept, and its subtext is At here waiting for you. Choose the right letter to convey the emotion you want to express and make a unique letter necklace!

As a simple style jewelry, the letter necklace can be well matched with other different necklaces. Stacking is also a popular craze. Just like the gold letter necklace can be matched with a gold chain, the matched chain must be of different lengths, and the effect will be amazing.

How to DIY it

You can actually make your own unique letter necklace. All you need is a chain and the letters you want to make your own monogrammed necklace. It's also a great way to show your love by making one for someone close to you! Our website can also offer personalized custom jewelry for you.


No matter what kind of necklace is in fact, each has its own characteristics. The key is what kind of necklace you like, and then choose the type you like. This is the most important thing.