What is a Cuban link chain?

Hip-hop lovers know that the Cuban chain is one of the most iconic hip-hop jewelry. Cuban necklaces have been popular for ten years and proved to be timeless wardrobe staples. They even created their own jewellery subculture, leading the way in style, durability and sheer swag factors.


What is the Cuban chain?

The Cuban link chain is different from the ordinary large gold chain in that it is formed by interlocking layers of circular links. Although it is called the Cuban chain, it has nothing to do with Cuba. There are many theories about its origin, but its real popularity was influenced by the rapper Kurtis Blow in the 1980s. As the first commercially successful rapper, Kurtis Blow often used the image of hanging several large gold necklaces to shoot album covers. With the increasing maturity of American hip-hop culture, Kurtis Blow's image of wearing gold and silver has also set off an upsurge of imitating in the rap circle. The design of the Cuban link perfectly combines practicality and fashion, which is the biggest reason why it is in the classic status of hip-hop jewelry. Its interlocking chain buckle design ensures durability and long-lasting quality without losing its classic appearance.

Why is the Cuban chain so popular?

  1. Deeply influenced by hip-hop culture. It is not difficult to find that these golden and shiny Cuban chain necklaces are always hung on the necks of old and new idols. Due to the deep connection between the Cuban chain and American hip-hop culture, the Cuban gold chain has long become a standard for rap hipsters, and no rapper can escape it today. The classic status of the Cuban chain in hip-hop jewelry cannot be shaken. It has been passed down from generation to generation and evolved into a trendy single product that keeps pace with the times. Where there is hip-hop, there is a Cuban chain!
  2. Very suitable for the display of pendants. Cuban chain links come in various weights, thicknesses and lengths, so they are an excellent base for displaying different styles of pendants. As long as it is thick enough to hold the pendant you are concerned about, you can pair it correctly.
  3. Shining light. If you prefer a gorgeous and high-profile style, the Cuban chain link will be very suitable because it has a relatively flat surface area and can be used to blend with various jewelry decorations to form a new design. Usually, our jewelers use the pavé diamond effect to make the surface look naturally bright.
  4. Wide application. Generally speaking, the Cuban chain is one of the most adaptable jewelry that a person can own, because the Cuban chain is particularly versatile. It can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. The length of the necklace ranges from 20 to 30 inches and the width ranges from 4 mm to 21 mm. If you have specific clothing or pendants to match, it will provide you with a variety of choices and suitable for various occasions.


The many types of Cuban chains

The gaps between the classic Cuban chain links are relatively small and the arrangement is relatively dense. The buckle is very thick, the style is rough and tough, and it looks very masculine. The basic Cuban chain is more concise and universal, and the plane of some chain links will also be decorated with precious jewels, such as inlaid with various gems, the overall look is more detailed and styling. The classic Cuban chain with a sense of weight must be quite heavy to wear. I will introduce some lightweight Cuban chain types that are more suitable for the general public. Figaro chains are generally composed of 3 chain links of the same size, and then connected to a larger chain ring so repeatedly; the snake bone chain, the chain links are not ordinary rings, they are quite close to each other, see It looks like a snake; the keel chain is also called the box chain. It is known for its sturdiness and looks a bit like an earthworm, so it can also be called an earthworm chain.
In addition, the width of the Cuban chain usually ranges from 5mm to 20mm, and it is well-known in the world for being large and heavy. Since ancient times, the Cuban chain has existed as a status symbol of hip-hop artists and celebrities. However, in the current society, the style of the Cuban chain is constantly being updated and the prices are becoming more popular, which can become a wave pursued by young people. Under normal circumstances, people stack a number of different styles of Cuban chains together to form an echo with the theme of clothing.


How to match a Cuban chain?

Cuban chains are usually three colors of gold, platinum and rose gold, supplemented by other colors. You can choose the color and material of the Cuban chain links that match your clothing. At ICEREMIX, we offer Cuban chains in various widths. Our thinner and more refined styles include miniature Cuban chain, 4mm Cuban chain and 9mm Cuban chain. These thin and fashionable styles are definitely the best accessory for your day or night outfit. If you want to highlight your individuality and make bolder styling designs, we recommend wider and shining Miami Cuban chain, including 12mm Cuban chains, 14mm Cuban chains and 15mm Cuban chains. The classic and luxurious design never fails.


In terms of clothing matching, the contrast between the classic suit and the Cuban chain creates a perfect clothing combination for any sophisticated activity. The Cuban chain with a fork-chain design uses more dramatic and obvious woven links, which is a perfect personality list. If your clothing is prominent in casual style, then Cuban chain densely inlaid with gems will provide the typical finishing touch. If you are preparing an evening dress for a banquet, Micro Cuban Chain will help you create a refined and elegant style.



Fashion and sophistication are largely determined by details. The right accessories can not only break the monotony of the shape, but can even play a role in excessive lines and modification of the face in terms of visual effects. Today's Cuban chain continues to innovate with the development of the trend of the times. It has gradually become a fashionable, diversified, and unisex everyday fashion accessory. Are you sure you don't want to give it a try?