What is a tennis bracelet? What make it so expensive?

The tennis bracelet is actually made up of a small, beautiful metal necklace connected with many gems or diamonds of the same shape. And behind the origin of its name is a very interesting story.

The origin of the name

In the beginning, the name of the tennis bracelet was not what it is now. It was called ‘line diamond bracelets’. This name is now obsolete and has been replaced by the more well-known tennis bracelet.

At the 1987 US Open, the famous tennis star Chris Evert fell into a fierce competition. However, in the middle of the game, she suddenly applied to the referee for a timeout because the buckle of her diamond bracelet was broken, causing the bracelet to slip off her wrist, and she hoped to retrieve it before the next game. And when she was interviewed, she called this bracelet a ‘tennis bracelet’ and the iconic name was born.

             Chirs Evert Tennis Chain

The picture shows Chris Evert wearing a tennis bracelet to participate in the 1989 US Open

The bracelet worn during the Evert competition is a diamond-encrusted single-row bracelet made by the famous jewelry designer George Bedewi. This kind of bracelet, which is characterized by diamonds, can also be inlaid with colored gems, or colored gems and diamonds. When Evert learned that the reason for the missing diamond bracelet was that the buckle of the bracelet was broken, the diamond bracelet was recovered. This not only encourages jewelers to make safe buckles for their bracelets, but also because of the popularity of this famous public event, the demand for tennis bracelets itself is much higher, and the sales of this bracelet have risen sharply. The name "tennis bracelet" has taken root in people's hearts ever since. 

How to wear a tennis bracelet

After this famous event, tennis bracelets were regarded as part of fashion outfits by fashionistas from all walks of life.

The original intention of Chris Evert to design the bracelet at the beginning was that people could use this bracelet to match it freely. Whether it is a diamond earring or a necklace, it can be part of a formal set. If you want to try some tennis bracelets, you can learn from our website.

The second most popular is the combination of a watch and a tennis chain, and among them, the watch wears generally higher than the bracelet. The combination of watch and bracelet looks very elegant, but make sure that the diamonds or gems on the tennis bracelet match the diamonds or gems of the watch to create a seamless style.

Another occasion to wear a tennis necklace is with a bridal suit. Tennis bracelets once again offer versatility and are a great choice to pair with bridal suit engagement rings. 

How do I decide which tennis bracelet is right for me?
The golden bracelet is suitable for some more formal occasions. If you want to go to a prom or high-level line up, it will not let you down. You can adjust your jewelry to suit any kind.

If you are looking for some suitable occasions. Now that you understand the history and significance behind the tennis bracelet, we should probably advise you not to play tennis with the bracelet.

The most popular tennis bracelet
Diamond bracelets are basically made of white gold or platinum, because they are perfect with colorless gems. If you want a playful tennis bracelet, then gold and rose gold are a good choice

Some suggestions to let you enjoy jewelry without scruple

  1. In addition to the bracelet buckle, you can add a safety buckle to the bracelet as an extra protection.
  2. Let the jeweler check the bracelet regularly to ensure that the buckle, safety clasp and setting are stable.
  3. Clean the diamond regularly to keep it shining as before.

What makes tennis bracelet so expensive?

Many people have this question, why the price of tennis bracelets has been so high?First of all, it must be the metal material of the bracelets that affects the price. Most of the cost is spent on this. We need to consider the metal quality of the tennis necklace.The second factor is the quality and purity of the gems. You can choose various combinations of gems and metals, depending on the preferences of consumers.


Although 30 years have passed since Evert’s classic battle on the court, tennis bracelets are still a fashionable choice and are still popular in various places in the fashion industry. Below we have counted some exquisite tennis bracelets for you.

tennis chain iceremix

4mm Copper Inlaid Pink Zircon Row Tennis Bracelet

iceremix Tennis bracelet tennis chain

Iced Blue and White Zircon Boutique Tennis Bracelet

This is the origin of tennis bracelets. Tennis bracelets have always been popular with the public because of their elegant shapes and interesting stories. Now, you should also have some ideas for decorating your wrists!