When Halloween jewelry meets hip-hop culture

With Halloween around the corner, quirky friends finally have a legitimate reason to show off their whims. In previous years, Halloween must be vintage Halloween costumes, such as dark witch jewelry, handsome vampire fangs, etc.. But this year, let's have a different kind of Halloween costume. When hip-hop jewelry meets Halloween, a unique Halloween costume, can you imagine? Today, let's break the rules together and take a look at Halloween bling bling jewelry.

Hip-hop is a pop culture that originated in the primitive tribes of Africa and has evolved into a global youth culture movement. Hip-hop" has long been a popular fashion, and has even become a fixed habit, wearing loose but expensive clothes, wrapped in designer bandanas or sports hats, collector's edition sneakers, and of course, cell phones and headphones with digital photography, plus a bunch of shiny metal accessories, stepping in that kind of wobbly pace. This is the general impression that hip-hop gives people.

However, when the sunny and flamboyant hip-hop culture meets the dark gothic Halloween jewelry, what kind of visual feast will there be? Then we will continue to see.

Skull & Ghost Jewelry

Dressing up as a charming little demon, dazzling demon, mysterious ghost, and grotesque jewelry on Halloween will let you usher in the long-awaited winter amidst the screaming cheers of everyone. Our jewelry always gives people a warm and gorgeous impression, and the jewelry for Halloween is just as wonderful. The skull that will never be absent on Halloween is also one of the most popular elements of hip hop. The combination of the two can be said to be amazing.

The black zircon covered the eyes which outlines the lifelike eyes, adding a bit of cunning to the originally empty eye sockets. A mouth sewn with a needle looks much scarier at night. Everywhere is conveying a strong atmosphere of Halloween to people.

I do not know if there is an imitation of this makeup, nails through the top of the skull, through the nose out, open mouth as if screaming. The skull represents eternal life, which is longer than material life. The golden spikes pass through the bling bling skull, which is quite Gothic.

Demons from other worlds come to earth on Halloween, they like to play pranks and often appear in people's dreams. A rose-shaped eye shows the Gothic style, and the split mouth makes it look non-aggressive and can be well hidden in the crowd. This dark and luxurious style is most suitable for the Halloween style, black jewelry can be low-key can be luxurious, can be versatile and can also hold the field, but also because of the scarcity and show your unique vision and taste, enough to make you seem to not high-profile way to the whole field.

Film Jewelry


I believe that many people believe that the Joker is the most dangerous and terrible criminals, and even many people are afraid of him when watching the movie. He is a person with a very high IQ but a maniacal demeanor, and a criminal that Batman can't even judge.

This is a clown pendant, classic appearance and evil cold expression, pale skin, mouth painted with large red lipstick, as if the next second you can hear his creepy laughter. This is a very suitable for Halloween atmosphere jewelry.


As men who have conquered the sea, pirates have appeared in major movies and TV shows. This classic one-eyed pirate pendant will not make your outfit monotonous. The red turban, black beard and eye patch all show the flamboyant unrestrained nature of this pirate, and the dripping oil process keeps the pendant in brilliant color.

Animal Jewelry

Of course, how can you have a Halloween animal without a bat. Bats can be interpreted in many ways, it can be Batman, who represents justice, or a gothic vampire, but I'm going to say vampires today because they are really cool!

No need to question the strength of vampires, they are out day and night, with sharp fangs sunk into the skin, enough to paralyze your nerves. At the Halloween party, vampires must be quite a few, but having shiny fangs is rare. To cover covered with rhinestones, not expensive, but can make you shine all night. Even grinning and showing your teeth, you will be the most hipster vampire!


Needless to say, the glittering hip-hop jewelry is attractive on Halloween and it will surely be the focus of the costume party. The delicate and chic design does not go for a scary atmosphere, but charm the hearts with humor and fun. As a hip-hop youth, you can also wear glittering jewelry in the atmosphere of Halloween. Today, wear our jewelry in costume!