What is Iced out chain? Where can I get it?

In addition to Iced out pendants, the most famous Iced out jewelry is the Iced out chains. On the ICE REMIX website, there are different types of Iced jewellery chains, such as Cuban link Iced out chains and Iced out rope chains. Among them, the Iced out silver chains and gold chains are the most ones. Nowadays, the sparkling Iced out hip-hop chain has become a status symbol for hip-hop artists. Now, let's take a look at these unique men's Ice out chains!

What is Iced out jewelry

Before we formally discuss the iced out chains, let’s recall what iced out jewellery is. With the development of special terms in hip-hop pop culture, those “bling bling” with diamond-encrusted luxury jewels have been called Iced out jewelry. Most of them are made of diamonds and gold or silver. Really Iced out jewellery is very expensive and difficult for ordinary people to afford it. But Later, gold-plated and silver-plated Iced out jewelry became the choice of ordinary people. This is one of the reasons why the price of Iced out jewellery varies greatly.

Different types of Iced out chains

Okay, let's get back to business. On the ICE REMIX website, Iced out chains are mainly divided into two categories-Cuban chains and rope chains. Each chain is carefully made, and you can buy cheap with good-quality Iced out chains here.

Cuban Iced out Chain

The Cuban chain has always been considered an indispensable accessory for hip-hop artists. The Cuban chain is also known as the Miami chain. So far no one can determine the specific origin time of this chain, but its popularity began with the rise of hip-hop music in the early 70s. It retains the flat characteristics of the whip chain link in the design. Compared with the whip chain, each link of it is thicker, more textured, and twisted less, and is staggered in a unique pattern, and the links are staggered. There is enough space between, but the space is smaller than the whip chain.


This design method will make the chain visually more prominent. When the wearer wears it, passers-by will easily notice that there is a large and thick gold chain around his neck. Hip-hop singers love this effect very much. They like to use exaggerated Cuban chains to show off the success of their efforts to the world, and this high-profile show off is precisely an indispensable part of hip-hop culture. The luxurious version of the Cuban chain usually has diamonds inlaid on one side of the link, or both sides are inlaid with diamonds. This exquisite upgrade also makes the Cuban chain not only active in the hip-hop circle, but also a means for the celebrities and the rich to show off their wealth.


This is a chain with a straight edge. Compared with the round-edged Cuban chain, this straight-edged chain appears more slender. Iced out chains studded with CZ stones can have more color choices and are more eye-catching. This kind of Iced out chain necklace can bring out the decent temperament of the wearer and modify the curve of the neck.


This is an Iced out Cuban chain with thorns. It adds spiked elements on the original basis, with some wild and unruly feeling, which is in line with the free and rebellious style of hip-hop.


This is a revised version of Maille Figaro Chain, Maille Figaro Chain is very popular in Europe. It originated from Italy, and its structure is similar to that of the French horse chain. The difference is that each slender chain link is alternately connected with three small chain links. It is a special jewelry chain. In the early days, this kind of chain ornament was mainly worn by religious people. They decorated the chain with pendants such as crosses and medallions to show their religious status and honor. Because the Vatican in Rome is the center of European religious power, and the Figaro chains are mostly used by religious people, the most famous Figaro chains are basically produced in Italy. Nowadays, because its style is simple and not rigid, and it is suitable for matching with a variety of ornaments, it is strong and wear-resistant, Figaro chains have been frequently used in the design of daily jewelry and accessories.

Iced out rope chain


The other is the Iced out rope chain. It is not to tie the chain, but to join the segment-shaped chain combination, the thin chain is connected to a short thick chain, and so on, to form a necklace or a bracelet. This design is very ingenious. It is adjusted and designed on the Cuban chain which has the same thickness and give the chain more styles.

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