What jewelry do rappers go to?

Hip hop jewelry is a brand new fashion born with the birth of hip-hop music. Rappers like to show their wealth through various chains and rings, so most of these jewels are covered with diamonds and other precious stones. “Financial Times” once quoted a singer: “Once you become a Hip Hop singer, you will want to launch your own jewelry collection.”It can be seen that jewelry has become a part of Hip Hop culture, and chain links, pendants, hardware... these original marginal roles are becoming the mainstream of the jewelry circle.


To understand hip hop jewelry, you must first understand hip hop music. It was born in an underground party in the Bronx, New York in 1973, a mistake between two ordinary people. That day, the DJ accidentally chose Funk and soul music, skipping the melody and playing only the interlude. The pure drums and bass drew the audience to dance. A hawker at the party accidentally picked up the microphone to make a joke. The humor and rhythmic speech made the audience go crazy. He became the first MC in the Hip Hop world. Originating from “party culture”, another key word of Hip Hop is “gang”. Back then, in the Bronx, fighting and grabbing sites were commonplace. Some people thought of using music to make mud. The dispute cannot be completely resolved, but the major gangs actually fought and became the prototype of the battle.

In recent years, hip hop jewelry has continued to create new patterns on the basis of the old vintage gold chains. Among them, the iconic items include the Cuban chain, the four-finger ring, various giant-shaped pendants, and the most “freakish” ones are braces jewelry. Braces were originally used to conceal missing teeth caused by gang killings. In 2005, the popularity of a single “Grillz Braces” made it a symbol of fashion, wealth and status. Similar to transparent plastic braces, the material has been changed to diamond and gold.


Just as hip hop music continues to draw inspiration from music genres such as jazz and rock, hip hop jewelry has been influenced by various cultural trends for decades. In the birthplace of the United States, the second feminist movement demanding equality lasted until the 1980s. At that time, women gradually got rid of the male gaze, and the sense of self-pleasing began to awaken. Jewelry of this period was often boldly designed and exaggerated in size. At the same time, hip hop also quietly recorded the resistance of black Americans. Women and blacks, two sociologically disadvantaged groups, meet in the field of jewelry. What is different from the past is that hip hop jewelry is not only exclusive to men, but now there are also more and more hip hop jewelry designed specifically for women. The styles of hip-hop jewelry are diversified, inclusive, and popular, and they have become an important part of popular culture in the new era.

The timeless classics in rapper jewelry are large gold chains, Cuban bracelets and hip hop chains. Stacking iced out bracelet with larger Cuban chain necklaces is a good styling technique. The thicker Cuban chain links range in length from 8.5mm, 10mm or 19mm, including the Signature Miami Cuban Necklace, Diamond Cuban Chain Necklace, Cuban Necklace and Diamond Claw Chain Necklace.


In addition to the classic Cuban chain, tennis chains are also popular among hip-hop hipsters. Tennis bracelets are suitable for any occasion, whether it is casual or fashionable. This is why tennis bracelets have become so popular. They are the perfect elegant accessory to enhance any outfit. Tennis bracelets are not just matched with suits or dresses. We recommend matching the tennis bracelet with jeans, T-shirts and your favorite sneakers to match your look. The beauty of the tennis bracelet is that it makes all kinds of precious stones seem to float on your wrist, appearing elegant and dignified. When we hear the word “diamond”, we immediately think of expensive price tags. The better the quality of the diamonds used on the bracelet, the more expensive; the more diamonds used, the more expensive. But the price of tennis bracelets is not always expensive to ensure quality. Our tennis bracelets are designed for everyday wear while maintaining high quality and elegant design. It is also the best choice for you in terms of cost performance.


Hip hop jewelry has gold chains, and iced out pendant are definitely indispensable. Hip-hop jewelry are traditionally a set of iced out jewellery, including rappers chain and pendants. These items or “suits” are designed to be worn at the same time to create a sense of hierarchy. The category of accessories known as hip-hop jewelry sets is inspired by gold chains and pendants worn by hip-hop icons. The main difference between necklaces and pendants is that pendants always refer to objects or ornaments. Necklaces are iced out jewellery accessories worn around the neck, usually linked together by chains. Necklaces do not always have to be worn with pendants. The necklace worn with the pendant is usually a delicate thin chain. If you want to match a pendant with a necklace, the pendant is the individual item displayed on the necklace. The most popular use of pendants today is to wear pendants as decorative jewelry, most commonly on necklaces. Treating pendants as individual accessories will immediately attract attention. In some cultures, pendants can be regarded as objects of spiritual value.

In our “Iced Out Pendant” collection, you can choose from a variety of golden links and pendants to create your own layered look. Popular pendants include innovative designs in religious sense, such as the cross of Jesus, the cross of snakes, and the hand of ice prayer, as well as the image design of various animals of lion and elephant, and classic movie and anime characters such as The Chainsaw Scare Mask, The Evil Rick. We have been pushing boundaries and setting new standards for hip-hop jewelry style. Combining your hip-hop chain and pendant together is the ultimate display of your personal style.

As part of hip hop jewelry, iced out rings are also unforgettable accessories for rappers. Different styles of rings highlight the charming temperament of rappers. As hip-hop culture gradually develops from a niche culture to a mainstream trend culture, the younger generation loves to use hip-hop rings as important jewelry for their daily or special occasions. If you want to ask a rapper, how should a hip hop ring be better? They may say, "Just wear it full!" You may think this kind of local tyrant's answer is incredible, but the meaning of the ring in hip-hop culture is not only a small accessory for clothing, but also a certain belief and The transmission of spiritual meaning is the expression of individuality nowadays, highlighting the unique versatile jewelry.